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Membership benefits:

  • Ability to vote and affect policy program changes
  • Networking opportunities
  • Participation in community collaboration
  • Access to timely information and resources
  • Member-invitations to coalition meetings and gatherings
  • Discount on state-wide event fees
  • Access to legislative monitoring alerts and updates

Membership requirements:

  • Active participation in a Hawai’i Oral Health Coalition committee and attend Hawai’i Oral Health Coalition member meetings
  • Reside or provide services in Hawai’i
  • Affirm mission, vision, and values of the Hawai’i Oral Health Coalition

Become a voting member: 

  • Fill out the voting member form for each calendar year
  • Join an HOHC Committee
  • Participate in at least 75% of the meetings this year for one of the HOHC Committees
  • Participate in the HOHC Annual Statewide meetings this year

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